Jakobovits Miklós


1936 - 2012

Artist`s statement

Regarding fine arts I am interested in the spiritual marks left by mankind; in those signs and signals carried by objects and memories that — through their qualities — bring to us messages from times long past and their people, warming us up with the stories of their lives and their destiny.

Through colors and forms they convey to me the harmonies and dissonances found in human relationships.

I pursue these secrets, that glimmer towards me with their mysterious glow, as if I were querying for the past and its enigmatic relationships from within a magical dimension, contrasting them with the frivolous, banal emblems and bizarre human symbols of our present age.

Thus, my paintings are not abstract works of art; rather they approach the metaphysical, as I try to unravel the secret signs from the distant layers of ages and spaces. Through my work, I am peeling off the layers hiding the messages that were sent to me from those old times, like a medium listening to whispers from people long gone.

I avoid bombastic, tension creating and provoking symbols and I seek to make space and time perceivable, as I try to sanctify them. In this process even the most banal objects become serious and gain a fateful significance.

My desire is to make the surfaces (of my paintings) timeless, overlapping time consuming layers of color, until they visibly start to radiate, taming even the autonomous aggressiveness of fate itself. This bizarre wish which avoids every superficial impression, burning colours and picturesque effects is nevertheless saturated with painterly vanity, as it wants to infect and appeal deeply through its silent radiance. Thus, I could say that my paintings are not burning and flaming aggressively but rather that they are glowing reliably. I think this glowing, in our spiritually emptied age, could also mean the glowing of humanity, the peaceful island our disillusioned souls have a need for in the stormy times of our present.


Born August 9th, 1936 in Kolozsvár/Cluj, Romania.

In 1948 the family moves to Sepsiszentgyörgy/Sf. Gheorghe where his father, Mihály Jakobovits, is managing the painting workshop at the local theatre.

1950-54 – Marosvásárhely, studies at the Fine Arts Secondary School. His art teachers were: István Barabás, Gábor Piskolti.

1954-59 – Kolozsvár/Cluj, studies at the "Ion Andreescu" Institute of Fine Arts. His professors were: Tibor Kádár, Gábor Miklóssy.

As a young man he becomes good friends with Sándor Mohi, Albert Nagy and Andor Antal Fülöp, all well known Transylvanian artists.

In 1959 he moves to Nagyvárad/Oradea and has his first participation at the regional art show.

In 1967 he marries ceramic artist Márta Sárközy/Márta Jakobovits.

Over the years he travels to various countries in Europe and Asia: Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Germany, England, France, The Netherlands, Spain, Russia, Lithuania, Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan, where he visits museums and art galleries.

From 1960 on, he becomes actively involved as an artist and as an organizer of artistic events on both the Romanian and the international art scenes.

Professional career

Chief curator at the "Muzeul Ţării Crişurilor" in Nagyvárad/Oradea

Art History Professor at the "Ady Endre" College of Journalism

Chairman of the Nagyvárad/Oradea Branch of the Romanian Artists' Union (1966-68)

Artistic Director of the Christian Research Center in Oradea (since 1991)

Member of the Arts Council of the Alliance of Armenians in Romania (since 1992)

Vice-president of the Miklós Barabás Guild (1993-1996)

President of the Miklós Barabás Guild (since 1996)

Member of the Arts Committee within the Ministry of Culture in Romania (since 1997)

Membership in artistic associations

Artists' Alliance in Romania, Bucharest

Association of Hungarian Artists and Designers, Budapest

Christian Research Centre, Visual Arts Department, Oradea

Miklós Barabás Guild, Alliance of Hungarian Artists in Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca

Member of the Hungarian Arts Academy (2002)

Prizes and awards

1974 - Cultural Award on the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the Proclamation of the Republic of Romania

1990 - The Award of the International Arts Camp in Hajdúböszörmény, Hungary

1993 -The Sándor Szolnay Award of the Hungarian Public Cultural Association in Transylvania, Kolozsvár, Romania

1996 - The Award of the Armenian Minority Self-Government in Budapest

1997 - The Award of the Armenian Alliance in Romania, Bucharest

2002 - Prize of the Hungarian President

2003 - The Munkácsy Prize of the Cultural Ministry of Hungary

2006 - Pro Partium Prize, Oradea, Romania

2006 - Crown Kriterion Prize, Miercurea-Ciuc, Romania

2008 - Life’s Work Prize, Oradea, Romania

2009 - Distinction at the XX-th Anniversary of the Revolution, Romania

2010 - Silver Pine Prize, Tg Mures , Romania

2010 - Diploma of Excellence of the Cultural Ministry of Romania

2012 - Arshile Gorky Award, Armenian Ministry of Culture, Yerevan

2012 - Middle Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary

2013 - Posthumous Award for Hungarian Art, Budapest

Individual exhibitions

1965 - Art Gallery, Oradea

1967 - Art Gallery, Oradea

1969 - Arany János Museum, Salontaa

1970 - State Theater, Oradea

1973 - Amphora Gallery, Bucharest

1973 - Arts Museum, Sft. Gheorghe

1977 - Korunk Gallery, Cluj-Napoca

1979 - Arts Museum , Oradea

1979 - Arts Museum, Cluj-Napoca

1981 - Neude Gallery, Utrecht, The Netherlands

1984 - Molnár Gallery, Hamburg, Germany

1986 - Volksbank, St. Wendel, Germany

1986 - Atelier des Maitres Gallery, Paris, France

1986 - Maison de la Culture, Paris, France

1997 - Korunk Gallery, Cluj-Napoca

1999 - Erlin Gallery, Budapest

2000 - Arts Museum, Oradea

2001 - Tower of the Church Gallery, Salonta

2007 - Partium University, Oradea

2007 - Abigail Gallery, Budapest

2007 - Exhibition Hall of the Budapest Gallery

2007 - Gallery of the Lutheran Church, Sibiu, Cultural Capital of Europe

2007 - Arts Museum, Cluj-Napoca

2008 - Artists’ Gallery, Budapest

2009 - Town`s Gallery, Nyíregyháza, Hungary

2010 – Duo, Visual Contact, Posticum, Oradea

2012 – Erlin Gallery, Budapest, together with Marta Jakobovits

2012 – Fuzio Gallery, Budapest, together with Marta Jakobovits

2013 – Portraits, Posticum, Oradea

2013 - Moods in Line and Color, Dunakeszi, Hungary

2014 - KÁRPÁT-HAZA Gallery, Budapest

2015 - MEMORIA DEL TEMPO, OMAGGIO A ROMA, Hungarian Academy in Rome

2015 - Memory of touch, Art Museum, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

2016 – Transylvanian Art Center, Sf. Gheorghe, Romania

2017 – The Secret, Life-achievement Exhibition, Kunsthalle, Budapest

2022 - Altar cosmic - Pallace of the Roman-catholic Bishop, Oradea

Important international and group exhibitions

1969 - Romanian Art Show in Torino, Italy

1969 - "Music – International exhibition", Budgoszcsd, Poland

1972 - Romanian Art Show in Debrecen, Hungary

1985 - "The Bridge between East and West International Exhibition" in Dordrecht, The Netherlands

1990 - "Artists from Oradea" in The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Italy

1991 - Romanian Art Show in Debrecen, Hungary

1996 – "THE WALL", International exhibition, Szeged , Kaposvár

1998 - "The Miklós Barabás Guild Show" in the ART EXPO, Budapest

1998 - Contemporary Hungarian Gallery, Dunaszerdahely, Slovakia

1999 - "ARS VARADINI", Vigadó Gallery, Budapest

1999 – "THE WALL", International exhibition, Szeged , Kaposvár

2000 - "Artists of Fellow Cities", Debrecen

2000 - "Exhibition of Miklóssy Gábor and his Disciples", Vigadó Gallery, Budapest

2000 - International Exhibition of Paper-Arts, Fonyód, Hungary

2000 - International Exhibition of Paper-Arts, Kaposvár, Hungary

2000 - "Artists from Transylvania", Ernst Museum, Budapest

2000 - Romanian Art Show in Debrecen, Hungary

2005 - "International Triennial of Paper-Arts", Museum of Kaposvár, Hungary

2005 - The Hungarian Arts Academy Show, Budapest

2006 - Joint Exhibition of the Artists from the Hungarian Arts Academy and The Academy of Literature and Arts , Budapest

2007 - The Hungarian Arts Academy Show, Budapest

2007 - "The Return of the Prophets", Abigail Gallery, Budapest

2007 - Exhibition of Artists from Oradea and Debrecen

2008 - The Hungarian Arts Academy Show, Budapest

2008 - Contemporary Arts Forum, Annaberg-Buchholz, Germany

2008 - Exhibition of Artists from Oradea and Debrecen

2009 - Anniversary Exhibition, 80 Years of The Miklós Barabás Guild, Sft. Gheorghe


2015 - Here and Now, National Salon, Kunsthalle, Budapest

2015 - Destiny and Symbol, National Museum, Budapest

2016 – Gém-Kapocs, MODEM, Debrecen, Hungary

2019-2020 – Synopsis, Art Museum Cluj-Napoca

Public Art

Bacchanalia – wall-painting, secco, 1973, 700x300 cm, Turnu Severin, Romania

Modular partitioning elements, 1975, Félix Bath, Oradea

Paintings permanently on show in Oradea at: the State University, The Theatre, Partium University, The Editorial Office of the “Familia” culture magazine and within the Directorial Offices of numerous schools in the city.

Four paintings in the House of Parliament in Budapest, Hungary


"The Message of Colours" – essays (Bucharest: Kriterion, 1987)

"Nero made of papier-maché" (Debrecen: Piremon, 1991)

"Reflections" – essays (Debrecen: Piremon, 1992)

"Local Color - Thoughts On Transylvanian Fine Arts" – essays (Nagyvárad: Literátus, 1992)

Works held in domestic and foreign museums and public collections

Arts Museum , Oradea

Arts Museum, Sf. Gheorghe

Public Collection of Fine Arts, Covasna

Public Collection of Fine Arts, Lăzarea

Museum of Arts, Tg. Secuiesc

Arts Museum, Odorheiu Secuiesc

Museum, Cristuru Secuiesc

Horváth Imre Museum, Oradea

Museum of the Armenian Mechitarist Theology in Vienna

Arts Museum, Baia Mare

Hungarian Arts Gallery, Dunaszerdahely, Slovakia

Contemporary Arts Museum, Bucharest

Works in significant private collections

Alex Avanesian, Budapest

Ernő Bán, Düsseldorf, Germany

Dr. Josef Böhm, Jr. Freiberg, Germany

Dr Josef Böhm, Budapest, Hungary

Lóránd Bundig, Noisy le Grand, France

Dr. Áron Cseh, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Ibolya Dávid, Budapest, Hungary

Imre Derecskey , Döbröce, Hungary

Zsolt Fodor, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

László Gogescu, Budapest, Hungary

Lajos Kántor, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Marika & Gábor Kellner, Budapest - Hungary

Kónya Zoltán, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Koós Ferenc, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Dr. András Kiss, Pócsmegyer, Hungary

Pál Péter, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Tiberiu Petruţ, Bucharest

Dr. András Szilágyi, Barnag, Hungary

László Szepessy, Tg. Mureş, Romania

Edith Joó, Nagyvárad, Romania

Andrea & Tibor Varga - Hungary

Participation at artists' residencies in various fields of the fine arts

Participation in various painting, graphics, ceramics, glass, paper-arts and art history residencies and symposia in Romania, Hungary and Holland.

Movies about the artist

"In the Workshop of Miklós Jakobovits" – film by Emil Lunga for the Hungarian language broadcast of the Romanian Television -1979

"The Paintings of Miklós Jakobovits" – film by Stefan Fischer for the German Television Station in Saarbrücken -1986

"Miklós Jakobovits" – film by Margit Ráduly and Marius Tabacu for the Hungarian Television - 1995

"Visit at Miklós Jakobovits" – film by Gábor Xántus for the Hungarian language broadcast of the Romanian Television - 1997

"The Miklós Barabás Guild Art Show in Marosvásárhely/Tg. Mures". Interview with the Artist

"Miklós Jakobovits, President of the MBG" – film by Katalin T. Nagy for the Duna Television Channel -1997

"Portrait" film by Katalin T. Nagy and György Beck for the Duna Television Channel -1999

"Revised Portrait" film directed by Katalin T. Nagy for the Duna Television Channel - 2000

"Miklós Jakobovits" - film by József Essig - 2007

Space and Time. The Miklós Jakobovits Show at the Arts Museum", a film made by Xántus Gábor – 2007

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